Sunday, July 14, 2024

On the heels of embarking on their new live tour, Danish band WhoMadeWho shares their new single, “Children,” out on their newly-founded imprint, The Moment. The track, infused with the angelic timbres of the famed Danish children’s choir Vesterbros Ungdomsgård, weaves seamlessly into WhoMadeWho’s tapestry of sound, following their early September collaboration with Swiss duo Adriatique, “Miracle,” which was subsequently adorned with a glorious remix by RÜFÜS DU SOL. “Children” not only resonates as the second single from their highly-anticipated 9th studio album, slated for a 2024 release but also marks a pivotal moment in their ever-evolving saga. “Children” will be available now on all streaming platforms via The Moment in collaboration with The Orchard’s Artist Services.

Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic grooves of early ‘80s new wave and the psychedelic twirls of early ‘90s acid, “Children” is a confluence of rough-hewn bass, primitive drum machines, an ethereal children’s choir, and lush synth pads. “Children” is WhoMadeWho’s ode to their global legion of fans and the pulsating heart of the international dance scene. The track is an auditory canvas depicting kids dancing, reveling in the cosmic dance of sunlight and moonbeams. It probes into the collective psyche, questioning their origins, identities, and dreams fueling their revelry. “Children” is their anthem, an embodiment of the band’s heartfelt message to their fans: “Thank you, we love you, without you, there’s no WhoMadeWho!”

WhoMadeWho, comprised of Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barfo, and Jeppe Kjellberg, have established themselves as pioneers of innovation in the underground music scene evolving and refining their sound as they progress. The launch of their newly founded imprint, The Moment signifies a gateway to new opportunities for music creation and discovery. From crafting inventive music to delivering awe-inspiring live shows worldwide, WhoMadeWho has proven their capacity to engage audiences and propel themselves to global success.

image credits: Kristoffer Juhl

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