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MUZE (Kenya) No. 83 and And Club (South Africa) No. 98 are the only two African clubs included in 2024 DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs, the most awaited chart regardings worldwide clubs. The World’s No. 1 club is once again Hï Ibiza, which takes the title for the third year in a row.

A record-breaking number of votes have been recorded in this year’s Top 100 Clubs poll, coming in from 229 territories, with ravers as far flung as Vanuatu, Guadeloupe, Bhutan and Greenland having their say – DJ Mag website words – Almost 40 countries supply venues this year, making it perhaps the most international list yet. The top five countries — USA, Spain, UK, Brazil, and Croatia — hold their ground, but all except Spain have fewer charting venues than last year. Filling the gaps are a raft of new entries — 16 in total.

That’s the most since Top 100 Clubs 2020, which was released just as the world went into Covid-19 lockdown, a clear indicator of the electronic music scene’s post-pandemic recovery. Through these new additions, new nations join (or rejoin) the rankings: Ireland, Malaysia, Slovakia and Azerbaijan all feature this year, the latter officially giving us a transcontinental club.

here’s how DJ Mag’s website describes the two African clubs included in the Top 100.

MUZE (No. 83)
Nairobi, Kenya  

Electric Avenue is Nairobi’s nightlife hub — a loud thoroughfare of bars, booze and beats in the busy Westlands district. A corner of town where hedonism is the norm, historically many of the most significant dancefloors in the city have based themselves here. Five-year-old MUZE is one example. Although guests come from across the world, bookings lean towards artists from Africa and its diaspora, with selectors like Thakzin, Bun Xapa and Zerb taking the roof off in 2023 via the finely tuned Funktion-One rig. Already one of Kenya’s leading spaces for four-to-the-floor, a transformational refurbishment has now pushed those high standards further.  

And Club (No. 98)
Johannesburg, South Africa 

And Club has humble beginnings — techno weekly TOY TOY needed a space, and found one in the second dancefloor of Johannesburg rave institution Carfax. Sectioning this off as a separate venue, the party turns 13 this September and remains the flagship of an address also known for gqom, deep house and drum & bass. Boasting a meaty Void rig inside, and a vintage Meyer system in the garden, bookings are equally uncompromising. DVS1, Freddy K, Jennifer Cardini, Sandrien, Setoac Mass, Dasha Rush, Truncate, and Volvox joined ressies Dogstarr, Fabio, Black Lake, Illing, Gforce, Bonging Zulu, and Terry Aronis in the past year. 

The full DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll available here

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