Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Nobody can predict the future, but there are some artists so fizzing with potential that their success seems predestined. Tomorrowland and One World Radio have meticulously selected The 20 of 2024, the 20 most promising artists & talents for 2024 and the next crop of future stars to look out for this year: there’s so much of Africa in this top 20 thanks to Ashibah, Karyendasoul and SONA. Let’s know them better. All the 20 of 2024 and their music at this link

Breaking away from the conventional house music scene, Ashibah, drawing from her Danish-Egyptian background and newfound home in Brazil, crafts a distinct sound that blends her own production, vocals, and composition. Her solo hits like “Devotion” and “On the Line” with Saffron Stone have gained immense support, landing on Beatport charts and receiving acclaim from industry heavyweights. With releases on prominent labels like Anjunabeats and Armada, Ashibah’s upcoming venture, her label Fatima In Trouble, promises new music and her debut album. Her explosive live performances have captivated audiences at festivals across South America and Europe, solidifying her status as a rising star in dance music. Ashibah’s fusion of cultural influences and musical talent is set to establish her as a powerhouse in the industry.

Bonga Ntozini – better known as Karyenadasoul – crafts an unparalleled experience, blending African influences with electronic mastery. His chart-topping collaborations like ‘iMali’ and ‘Something More’ showcase his soulful production prowess, while co-productions with icons like Black Coffee underscore his status in the global electronic scene. WeLive4OurMusic, his magnum opus, unveils a sonic odyssey featuring esteemed vocalists and his signature cosmic Afro House grooves, solidifying his place as an electrifying force in African and international music.

SONA, a South African newcomer in electronic music, has rapidly soared to success in less than a year. Notably, he co-produced and co-wrote “Texts Go Green,” a track featured on Drake’s record-breaking album “Honestly, Nevermind.” The album set Apple Music’s first-day streaming record worldwide and stands as the platform’s largest dance album in history. His accomplishments didn’t stop there. SONA debuted at #1 on the Billboard top R&B Producer’s list and claimed the #15 spot on the Overall Hot 100 Producers, an exceptional achievement for a budding artist. Stepping onto the global stage as Black Coffee’s +1 at the 63rd Grammy Awards, SONA further wowed audiences with a remarkable B2B set alongside his father at the prestigious Boombox Room in Las Vegas.

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