Sunday, July 14, 2024

Valexx returns to My Other Side of The Moon label, this time partnering with Philou Louzolo, a DJ and producer from the Netherlands whose Congolese, Nigerian, and Sierra Leonean heritage infuses “Vhalami” with a rich cultural tapestry. This duo is completed by the enchanting voice of South Africa’s Mavhungu, whose melodies soar across the vibrant beats. The track promises to be a dancefloor revelation, featuring powerful synths and a bassline that demands movement, and this journey is not over here.

“Vhalami” Premiered by The Madorasindahouse Youtube Channel

The release also features two distinctive remixes: the first by South Africa’s G-Wash10, which maintains the original’s energetic dance vibe; the second by Los Angeles-based Yaw Appiah, offers a melodic take designed to captivate global radio audiences with its warm, smooth harmonies. These three versions highlight the diverse creative visions that shape the track. Whether it’s the pulsating beats of G-Wash10’s remix or the soothing melodies of Yaw Appiah’s version, this Afro house collection is set to dominate dancefloors and airwaves alike.

“Vhalami” drops on June 2024, Friday the 28th via My Other Side of the Moon, a label that blends organic house, afro house, and melodic vibes with mystical and intriguing electronic sounds. The label’s tracks are always inspired by themes of peace, unity, love, and fun.

Full Release Available Here

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