Friday, April 12, 2024

Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer-songwriter Kah-Lo releases her anticipated debut album Pain/Pleasure via Epic Records. The album arrives following previously released hit singles ‘Runaway’, ‘GD Woman’, ‘Karma’, and ‘fund$’. 

The long-awaited debut full-length from one of dance music’s most accomplished singer-songwriters, Pain/Pleasure is the culmination of Kah-Lo’s experiences throughout her career, cataloging everything from extreme bitterness to thrilling gratification. Pain/Pleasure is all about retribution for Kah-Lo; it’s a story about facing those who have wronged her and coming out on top in spite of them, regardless of the obstacles and the pain she’s faced in her quest for pleasure.

Throughout Pain/Pleasure, Kah-Lo sings about building self-confidence and learning to assert her dominance, themes present in both her artistic career and romantic life. Spreading her messages of self-love and female empowerment, the album is led by Kah-Lo’s unfiltered, unabashed lyricism and love for rhythmic, danceable production. Whether it’s discussing toxic relationships on tracks like ‘Unbothered’ and the titular ‘Pain/Pleasure’ or boasting respect on ‘My Name’ and ‘GD Woman’, Pain/Pleasure balances the duality of Kah-Lo’s sassy, sometimes cutthroat attitude with her sensitive and honest storytelling. 

Pain/Pleasure has seen Kah-Lo bring jaw-dropping, thematic music video accompaniments that continue to echo the album’s feminist motifs. From spinning her tale of greed and glory with her femme-fatale inspired fund$ to the choreographed dance routines of Karma and edgy biker aesthetic of GD Woman, Kah-Lo’s bold and vibrant persona shines through. 

Blending her afro and R&B roots with her tendency towards house and dance-pop beats, Pain/Pleasure incorporates the various musical flavors that have followed Kah-Lo throughout her career. Pain/Pleasure encapsulates Kah-Lo’s journey as a solo artist and serves as a showcase of her many vocal and songwriting talents. Over fourteen tracks, Kah-Lo flaunts her genre-blending habits as she continues to be a leading voice diversifying dance music and representing a new wave of African electronic artists. 

Above all, Pain/Pleasure is an authentic body of work that captures Kah-Lo’s beautiful, dynamic spirit. The album offers a glimpse at the many layers of Kah-Lo from her hard, carefree exterior to her softer, more vulnerable side. While Kah-Lo remains a party-starting queen, her artistry goes beyond that and her debut album unveils the sensitive soul behind some of dance music’s hit anthems. 

Kah-Lo invites fans to indulge in the pain and pleasure that has rocked her career and stream her debut album pain/pleasure.

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