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February 2024, Friday 23rd: EMPOR, the fourth fourth studio album by the Hamburg Techno Marching Band MEUTE has been released on their in-house label Tumult. EMPOR showcases the evolution of their musical identity through the elaboration of techno-inspired original compositions and reinterpretations of well-known techno tracks. The album title not only symbolizes the feeling of boundlessness after the pandemic but also the extraordinary journey of the live techno phenomenon that once started on the streets of St. Pauli and is now celebrated worldwide.

With “Vermis”, the album’s focus track, MEUTE unveils a dark and powerful original composition by sousaphonist Philipp Westermann that pushes the boundaries of their self-created genre even further. The album consists of ten tracks, featuring four MEUTE originals: “Vermis”, “Aurora”, “LoCKeDoWN2” and “Hypnose”.  Additionally, reinterpretations like “Loss of Hope” by Innellea and “Come Together” by Henrik Schwarz add layers of complexity to the record. The latter became even more organic through collaboration with the children and youth choir The Young ClassX.

With the collective resurgence of possibilities and an embrace of boundless potential, “EMPOR” delivers MEUTE’s unmistakable signature sound, ranging from pulsating beats to dynamic brass arrangements. This hypnotic journey promises listeners an unforgettable experience and enriches playlists seeking innovative and energetic sounds.

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