Friday, April 12, 2024

“Thandaza” is the title of new Keinemusik single, out March 2024, Friday 17th. For this track &Me, Adam Port and Rampa (Keinemusik fab three) joined Alan Dixon and Arabic Piano, immediately become Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune during his radio show Essential Selection broadcasted the same day by BBC Radio 1.

This week’s ENT comes courtesy of Keinemusik’s &ME, Adam Port and Rampa – Pete Tong words during his radio show – They have been lying low musically since the end of last summer when they needed to take some well-deserved rest and recuperation and get their ears, hearts and souls back in order. I am pleased to say they are back with brand new music assisted by South African producer Arabic Piano and Alan Dixon. It continues from where they left off, this is their vibe, and people are loving it. They have been teasing it at their shows“.

Thandaza is a Zulu name that means to love or to be loved; Zulu is one of the official languages of South Africa and Thandaza is a beautiful and meaningful name that reflects the value and importance of love within the Zulu culture. It’s a very good choise for new Keinemusik new single title.

Thandaza is out a few days before Adam Port and Rampa set at Dubai for Playa Pacha debut (April 2024, Saturday 13th) and before Keinemusik performance at Great Pyramids in Egypt April 2024, Friday 19th). May 2024, Sunday 19th Keinemusik will take over Pacha Ibiza.

image: keinemusik at pacha ibiza – credits raul sanchez

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