Friday, June 14, 2024

During Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 ‘Navigating New Horizons: Empowering African DJs for Global Opportunities’ panel explored the unique challenges and exciting prospects African DJs encounter as they step onto the global stage. Presented by South Africa & Ballantine’s True Music Fund, the panel delved into their personal journeys, showcasing how touring has been pivotal to their success. Crucially, this discussion scrutinised the role of international players, such as promoters, festivals, and brands, in facilitating the mobility of African DJs. Their influence not only elevates African talent but also sparks dynamic cross-cultural collaborations that enrich the global electronic music experience. Against the backdrop of visa discrimination and escalating fees faced by African artists, the panelists explored actionable solutions to ensure equitable opportunities. “Navigating New Horizons” is a call to action, encouraging the global music community to embrace, support, and amplify the vibrant voices emerging from Africa.

Ballantine’s True Music is turning 10 years old in 2024. This has predominantly been supercharged by the partnership with Boiler Room which has evolved and changed shape over time. True Music is about Artists, Communities and Fans and creating inclusive dancefloors to give people from underrepresented backgrounds.  Over the last six years, Ballantines partnered with Boiler Room, the world’s biggest broadcaster of new underground music, with a simple mission – showcase & celebrate the most credible music scenes & stories from around the world. From spotlighting the birth and legacies of House and Afrobeats coming out of South African townships to thumping techno beats played in sub-zero temperatures of Russia, we’ve documented every step of the way.

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