Sunday, July 14, 2024

March 2024, Saturday 23rd: Alchemist Bar in Nairobi welcomes afro house/tech dj and producer Bun Xapa from South Africa. Joining the line up will be special guests Pariah ZA from South Africa as well and Tera from Ethiopia, alongside the local heroes Afu, Vidza and Lemi. Bun Xapa is the new special guest of Alchemist Presents series: Enoo Napa, Kasango, Hyenah with Rise Berlin label party, Lemon & Herb and Kid Fonque are some of the artists invited by Alchemist Bar in the past.

Born and bred in the deep roots of South Africa, Bun Xapa is considered as an African spiritual healer with his type of music, as many gifted human beings possess spiritual gifts, Bun Xapa understands and interprets the gospel of the heart of Africa, sampling Indigenous sounds, African folk music and Afro rooted instruments from Djembe, gongs, mbira to Koras and Soukous.

Party tickets at this link.

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