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Italian DJ and House/Afro Tribal music producerValexx started his career withRayven & Valexx duo; after years of experience, he decided to devote himself to music production. His discography includes realeases for labels such as Fonk Rec, SONO Music, Darklight / Flamingo, Protocol Records and Subliminal, just to name a few. His Music is characterized by very afro drum moving melodic lines, and his Dj Set is in total afro/tribal Style, with melodic, tribal drum and cool vocal. Now Valexx returns to My Other Side of The Moon label, this time partnering with Philou Louzolo, a DJ and producer from the Netherlands whose Congolese, Nigerian, and Sierra Leonean heritage infuses Vhalami with a rich cultural tapestry.

Who and who inspired you to become a DJ?

My biggest source of inspiration in becoming a DJ has definitely been Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez because I started listening to House music from the House world.

Which kind of music did you listen when teenager?
As I mentioned earlier, I started with House music, so the genre I listened to when I was younger was definitely House, with prominent figures of that period such as Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Louie Vega, and many others.

And now?
I listen to a variety of music genres, from rap, pop, R&B, Melodic Techno, House, to tribal.
However, what I produce and listen to is predominantly Afro Melodic and Afro Tribal.

Which platform do you use to listen to music?

The main platform I use to listen to music is definitely Spotify, and the various Billboard charts and all the promos I receive on inflyte entertainment systems.

Why Africa is becoming so important in the electronic music scene?
Yes, Afro music is definitely gaining more and more importance and influencing different musical styles such as house, tech house, and many others. Its richness in nuances and captivating rhythms has contributed to transforming and enriching the music scene worldwide. Afro music offers a wide range of unique styles and sounds that are incorporated and blended with other genres, creating an eclectic and engaging musical experience. This fusion of Afro influences with other genres has led to a great variety of new sounds and musical styles that continue to evolve and captivate more and more people. It’s fascinating to see how Afro music continues to influence and shape the contemporary music scene worldwide.

Your favourite djs and producers.
Black Coffee, Themba and Caiiro are indeed prominent DJs who have revolutionized the current music scene with their Afro-inspired styles.  His infectious beats and uplifting melodies have earned him international recognition and a dedicated fan base.

Your favourite clubs and festivals.
For me, the most important club is Hi Ibiza. Its beauty, energy, and futuristic structure are unparalleled. It is no coincidence that it hosts the world’s best DJs. Undoubtedly, it is the number one club in the world for many reasons. Ushuaia in Ibiza, Scorpios in Myconos Amazing location, and Space Miami the real Club. As for festivals, the Tomorrowland festival stands out for its incredible energy and atmosphere.

The most important record in your box?
When it comes to my productions, undoubtedly the most important records are some on Armada Afro Tribal and some collaborations with Bob Sinclar, the official remix Electrico Romantico with Robbie Williams, and going collaborations with Robbie Williams.

Your all time favourite track?
As for the records that have left a mark on me, they are definitely “Silicon Soul” by Right on, “Fish go Deep” by The Cure and “Cause”, Touch me By Cassandra ( and my afro remake with Tabia’s voice will soon be released on this one) These are records that have made an impact on me and have influenced my musical journey.  

How to send you promos?
I can receive promos by email and anywhere but I prefer to have an archive organized by sending promos on inflyte to my address

Your favourites food / actor / football team / tv series.
As for my favorite food, being from Naples, I definitely love pizza. As for actors, I particularly enjoy all of Leonardo Di Caprio’s films. I’m also a big football fan and a loyal supporter of Napoli Calcio. When it comes to TV series, there are many, but I particularly love Gomorra, which was filmed in my city, Naples, and Resident Evil.

Your hobbies?
In my free time, I love listening to music of all genres and keeping up with the latest releases. I also enjoy following football, specifically my team, Napoli, as I mentioned earlier. Additionally, I like dedicating myself to the gym and various physical activities. In addition, in my free time, I love to travel, discover new places, and experience new cultures. I enjoy exploring various traditions, trying local cuisine, and visiting historical and artistic sites.

Your upcoming projects and label ?
In addition to this upcoming release at the end of the month on my label “My Other Side of the Moon,” I will also have my next release, which is a remake of the original version of “Touch Me” by Cassandra, enchanted by Tabia on Sunset Gathering by Aroon Sevilla. Furthermore, I always have a collaboration with Aaron Sevilla, with vocal by Mazet SA on Afrodise.

Why did you select My Other Side of The Moon for your upcoming release?
Let’s say that I’ve been following this label since it was born, and this is my third release with them. love so much this label, and love their promotional approach and, above all, the seriousness and great availability of the label owner who is also a close friend of mine.

Your life long dream?
My lifelong dream is very simple: having a deep passion for music, it is to live solely through music, creating music, listening to it, and being in total symbiosis with it. And perhaps one day, to live in Ibiza, as well, and have a family there too.

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