Sunday, July 14, 2024

Started in 2015 by founding member of HHY & The Kampala Unit and DJ Flo, Homeland Brass Band is a grassroots music school that has become a beacon of hope for economically disadvantaged youth. They are launching a powerful fundraising campaign to secure a permanent home for the project, along with a short documentary introducing the projects and the soon-to-be-musicians that this great facility is supporting. Florence Lugemwa has been able to keep the school running and expand its reach to over 25 children, imparting her music knowledge to the students. More than just music classes, Homeland Brass Band offers a safe haven for children, allowing parents, often single mothers, to work while their kids are learning music in a safe environment. 

Homeland Brass Band’s success story is heartwarming. Thanks to generous donations and acquisitions, the school now owns over 20 instruments, including marching drums and brass instruments. The goal is to raise $20,000, which will fund a permanent home that can serve as a safe and motivating environment for the children. It will keep them out of trouble and build their confidence through music. The funds will also secure equipment for the school and cover school fees and study materials. Supporters are encouraged to share the campaign with friends and connect Florence with potential supporters and grants.

image: credits frank lopez

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