Saturday, April 13, 2024

Emerging twin brother DJ duo and Progressive Afro House producers FiNE have teamed up with Lizwi to release their debut MoBlack Records single “The Light”, out August 2023, 4th

“The Light” is an extraordinary fusion of Progressive Afro House and traditional African sounds. The combination of the unique musical backgrounds of the FiNE twins and Lizwi creates a sonic experience that is both captivating and deeply rooted in their shared heritage. 

Since moving to Los Angeles recently, FiNE has been taking the local scene by storm with recurring shows at La Mesa called FiNE Fridays and additional sets at venues including Hotel Shangri-La, The Mondrian, Aya Lounge Beverly Hills, The Cooks Garden in Venice, Cafe Roma and more. They also played the prestigious livestream location EPHIMERA Tulum to deliver a top-notch Progressive Afro House sunset mix, which can be watched HERE.

FiNE is an artist project from twin brothers born in Johannesburg and raised in Botswana. Given their upbringing, they describe their music and DJ sets as Progressive Afro House. With a life journey already covering South Africa, Botswana, Israel, and Australia, they have deep connections to global audiences, and it shows through their signature sound. It’s undeniable that the twins’ multicultural upbringing shapes their Afro-infused DJ sets and original productions.

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