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In the beginning of 2023, One World Radio – the official digital radio and content platform of Tomorrowland picked the most promising artists of 2023, and introduced them by letting them play a 15-minute set, available on Spotify. West African AMÉMÉ is one of these faboulous 20, togheter with Korolova, Massano, Notre Dame, Tita Lau and many others.

Tomorrowland website presents AMÉMÉ with these words:

“Fueled by an innate determination, drive and passion, with attuned intuition applied to both his music and life, West African native AMÉMÉ channels his cultural roots and ancestry into everything he does. Born and raised in Benin, AMÉMÉ helms One Tribe, a global community and brand identity centred on unity and a positive outlook”

“His visionary capabilities and unwavering dedication have been the catalyst behind the rapid growth and proliferation of both his musical endeavours and One Tribe as a whole. Specialising in Afro-leaning electronic music, with flourishes of tribal percussion and spiritual vocals built upon a foundation of contemporary deep house and tech, AMÉMÉ’s DJ sets are eclectic, energetic and nourishing for the soul. With a promising future ahead, this rising talent is ready to take over 2023 with his unique style of music”

“AMÉMÉ is known for tracks such as ‘Balafonerra’, ‘Pliva’, and ‘Power’”.

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