Friday, June 14, 2024

Kenya, Great Britain, Italy, Lebanon, Mozambique, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and Ukraine: no fewer than nine nations are present and represented on the MOS OF THE MOON Sampler 2024 compilation, out on May 2024, Friday 10th on the Mozambique label My Other Side of the Moon. An eclectic and multi-ethnic selection of Afro and Organic House music: ‘Nhliziyo’ by Tomi H & Tabia, ‘Othaya’ by OneDown, Soulic M & Sofiya Nzau, ‘Home’ by Davide Ferrario, remixed by Grammy Award nominated Lebanese artist Pambouk, ‘Peace Land’ by Breeze and The Sun, ‘Erendiyo’ by AFU, ‘Vanilla Sky’ by Mevis, ‘Brules’ by Glass Coffee, ‘Mamae’ by Loup Musa and ‘Roho’ by Neferu are the nine tracks selected for this compilation with which the label My Other Side of the Moon confirms itself more and more as a certainty for those seeking quality electronic music.

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