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Very few artists have made the impact that Savage & SHē have made on the music scene in the past few years with their unique blend of Afro House, Melodic Techno, enchanting melodies and hypnotic vocals that have literally taken them to every corner of the world. Headlining market leading venues, festivals and events has become a regular practice for Savage & SHē from their residencies at Scorpio in Mykonos and Blue Marlin in Ibiza to playing over 12,000 people at Universo Paralelo in Brazil.

Savage & SHē has already remixed “Inca”, new Kid Bamboo single for My Other Side of the Moon. It’s time to know themwith our face to face interview.

Who and who inspired you to become a DJ?
Interestingly enough we weren’t inspired by a Dj specifically. We had both been musicians and performers our whole life and when electronic music began taking over we learned how to Dj in order to keep performing and connecting musically with people.

Which kind of music did you listen when teenager?
SHē listened a lot to artists like; Nat King Cole & Maria Carey, as a vocalist she found inspiration from vocalists like them. Savage had a very diverse palette; Playing many bands, Ska, Reggae & Punk rock. Listening to artists like Muddy waters & Bob Marley to bands like Rancid & The Sex Pistols. Music has been a crucial involvement in our lives and there is a special song for every moment in life.

And now?
These days between touring and producing we don’t have as much free time for music listening; we are often searching through new promo/demo submissions and writing our own music. When we are home is when we dive more into listening to music, classic jazz, blue, R&B and even hip hop.

Which platform do you use to listen to music?
On the road we use Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Apple Music. When we are home we enjoying digging in our Record collection, with a fast pace touring life it’s therapeutic to take time to sit with analog music, picking records and physically playing them without distractions or the ability to skip songs, you can get lost in what the artist was doing making those songs.

Why Africa is becoming so important in the electronic music scene?
For us the influence of Africa in music is not new, it has been prominent in music since we were kids. However; the rise is popularity of African artists and Afro genres in house music has been in our opinion the best thing since the early days of house music. There is so much soul and emotion in music from Africa and we feel that speaks to people from all walks of life.

Your favourite djs and producers.
Every year that list changes but currently at the top of the list would be Nitefreak, he is really doing some unique in this space. We are big supporter of Themba, Shimza & Thakzin at the moment as well.

Your favourite clubs and festivals.
Our favorite festival to date is Universal Paralelo in Brazil. Now a yearly festival for our schedule, set to the beautiful beaches of Brazil performing for more then 12,000 incredible music lovers. Our favorite club Soho Garden Dubai

The most important record in your box?
At the moment our most important track is our song “The Calling” it has a special power with our crowds as they connect with the song and it being played by us seems to amplify the crowds energy.

Your all time favourite track?
Hmm this is a tricky one! Our Favorite track would be Darque – Uthando (Shimza Remix) ft. Zakes Bantwini

How to send you promos?
You can send us promos to:

Your favourites: food / actor / football team / tv series
Food: Sushi & Pizza; actors: Johnny Depp & Margot Robbie; team: we aren’t sports fans; tv series: Queen of The South.

Your hobbies?
Our hobbies include: tennis, paddleboarding, jetsking, yoga, wakeboarding.

Your upcoming projects?
We have many exciting projects in the works at the moment, including our debut on My Other Side Of The Moon and the launch of our Label: Hands Of Time. The first release on our label will be out Friday March 29th.

Why did you select My Other Side of The Moon for your upcoming release?
We had the honor of speaking with Mario (Kid Bamboo) about his upcoming release on MOS of the moon and he asked us to do a remix. We loved the original and felt we could put a club focused Afro tech variation to an already amazing project. Hopefully we will be sharing more music on MOS this year.

Your life long dream?
Our life long collective dream is to create an assisted live sanctuary/music academy. A place where we can care for injured / abused animals as well as housing for people with special needs. Sheenas brother has down syndrome and we have seen the difficulties of finding homes for people with special needs. We want to create a safe space for people to live, learn and grow. Caring for the animals learning how to cook and care for themselves while learning how to play instruments, make music and connect with each other. This is our BIG DREAM.

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