Saturday, April 13, 2024

Global community platform Black Artist Database have launched the B.A.D. label with their debut compilation Synergy Vol 1.

Synergy is a collection of sounds that journeys through the electronic spectrum; exploring celebration, unity and Black joy via an intercontinental selection of visionary artists that deeply inspire B.A.D.AFRODEUTSCHEAmaliahChmbaDJ HolographicLyricrRoxymore and co-founder NIKS.

Showing off the range of talent in the B.A.D. sonic universe, Synergy is a genre-hopping and perfectly sequenced collection of artistic visions. Manchester-based AFRODEUTSCHE’s trance-like ‘A New Love’ is a powerful synth-driven opener, before leftfield techno specialist rRoxymore’s ‘We Can Do’ injects shuffled rhythms, chopped vocals and bubbling topline melodies into the mix. Eclectic London producer Amaliah brings her groove to the table on the intricate ‘Mespo Dance’, and B.A.D. co-founder NIKS’s‘Badness, Can’t Work’ offers a beautiful patchwork of syncopated rhythmshelmed by a driving house beat. Lyric’s ‘Don’t Need No Help’ takes the compilation into more minimal techno territory, followed by Detroit producer DJ Holographic’satmosphericspoken-wordepic ‘Desire’. Finally, Malawian multimedia artist Chmba brings the release to a close with ‘Bwela’, an ethereal blend of Afrobeats, funk guitar and delicate vocal harmonies.

Since its inception in 2020, B.A.D. have established themselves as a crucial and respected global platform with community as its core focus. This crowd-sourced database is now rapidly growing in scope and scale, covering the wider diaspora by hosting the creative output of a wealth of international Black-owned record labels, artists, producers and bands. 

Through the newly established B.A.D. label, their unwavering vision continues; to highlight the boundless range of Black creativity and give power back to the community, relentlessly working towards Black liberation.

Synergy Vol 1 builds upon B.A.D.’s mission and presents an introduction to the platform’s exciting sonic universe: an ever-expanding wealth of Black musical talent.

opening pic: B.A.D. Label Manager, Tanya Akinola & B.A.D. Co-Founder, NIKS – Credits: Cicely Ellison

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