Saturday, April 13, 2024

Released on March 2024, Wednesday 20th, “The Trip” is the new Jeff Mills album, released on his record label Axis Records. “The Trip” is a journey started far back in 2008, as a performance in Paris before evolving into a tour with stops in Tokyo and Melbourne. Now, it returns completely renewed, both as an album and as a live performance, the latter scheduled for Monday, April 1st in Tokyo, with the significant contribution of Jun Togawa, a voice that has been a symbol of Japanese musical avant-garde for over 35 years.

The main theme of this new project by the American dj, producer, and record label owner is “Enter The Black Hole”. A black hole is a celestial object whose gravitational field is so strong that direct observation is impossible. In the past, its existence was purely theoretical, but in 2011 it was identified for the first time, and Mills approaches it with extreme relativism, considering the beginning or possible end of space and time, always inclined to cross all boundaries, often defining them.

image: Masakado Nishibayashi

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