Saturday, April 13, 2024

In a thrilling encounter that will make Afro House enthusiasts groove with excitement, renowned DJ and Afro House producer, Jalal Ramdani, takes center stage to present an exclusive interview with none other than the iconic “&Friends.” Known for his extraordinary talent as a DJ, producer, and label owner of “Hidden Hands,” ‘&Friends’ is set to reveal the secrets behind his captivating beats and his vision for the future of Afro House music.

The Beat Unveiled:

In this enthralling interview, Jalal Ramdani, sits down with the enigmatic ‘&Friends’ to delve into the heart of his musical journey. ‘&Friends,’ whose real name is Sean, has been making waves in the Afro House scene, captivating audiences with his soulful creations and electrifying performances.

Future Projects and Inspirations:

Amidst the beats and rhythms, Jalal leaves no stone unturned in probing ‘&Friends’ about his future projects and artistic inspirations. Get ready to discover the exciting plans ‘&Friends’ has in store for his fans as he takes his music to greater heights. From upcoming releases to collaborations, this interview is a gold mine for those eager to stay ahead of the curve in the Afro House realm

A Glimpse into Hidden Hands:

Beyond the beats, Jalal Ramdani and ‘&Friends’ lift the veil on the renowned label, “Hidden Hands.” As the owner of this celebrated Afro House music hub, ‘&Friends’ opens up about the label’s vision, its mission to uplift fellow artists, and the diversity of talent they aim to showcase to the world.


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