Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Let’s celebrate February with an extraordinary contribution to the afro house world: “Inca” is about to get released on My Other Side of the Moon (February 2024, 23rd) by the dynamic and skilled Kid Bamboo, hailing from Greece. This track starts with a hypnotic rhythm and entrancing gentle vibes setting the stage for the second part. An energetic melody kicks in after an introductory synth, and takes the track to the next level, reaching its high right after the break.

To accompany the release My Other Side of the Moon welcomes Savage & SHē with their enchanting reinterpretation of Inca. Headlining festivals and music events, Savage & She infuse a unique blend of afro and melodic house to this track. Residents in Ibiza and Mykonos, Savage & She share with us great rhythmic moments enriched by a variety of synths that give the track the two artists’ distinctive sound.

image: Kid Bamboo
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