Sunday, July 14, 2024

Denovali Records announces their next release by Taroug, the solo project of drummer & electronic music producer Tarek Zarroug with roots in the suburbs of the Tunisian desert and having grown up in Germany. Denovali has released music by artists like Nadia Struiwigh, Dalhous, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble among others. Taroug’s “Darts & Kites” LP is due out May 2024, Friday 3rd

“Darts & Kites” LP draws inspiration from the Penrose tiling and explores themes of change and transformation. Fascinated from the pattern‘s unending possibilities, Taroug incorporated its infinite permutations not only into the album‘s nine tracks, but also in the cover art design that was created in collaboration with architect and designer Marie Brosius. “Darts & Kites” showcases a blending of genres and styles, resulting in a sonic landscape, that is both hunting and beautiful. Experimental and abstract soundscapes are enriched by oriental influences, collected field recordings, pulsating dark beats and hypnotic vocals.

The album also features the contributions of other notable artists, including Beate Wolff‘s cello performance on “Jewels I”. Benedikt Koch‘s saxophone adds a sense of controlled chaos with delayed and swelling notes to the track ”Deguech”, while Timo Schieber‘s piano provides a crucial element of the album‘s title track, “Darts & Kites”. Niklas Genschel lends his vocals to “Queen of Carthage”, which also features the saz playing of Abdallah Abozekry.

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