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Embark on an enthralling expedition into the pulsating realm of Afro house as acclaimed DJs and producers, DJ Tomer & Ricardo, prepare to unleash their highly anticipated album, “Echoes.” This musical masterpiece, slated to drop in mid-July under the prestigious record label “My Other Side of the Moon,” is poised to enrapture audiences with its infectious energy and a stellar lineup of talent.

“Echoes” symbolizes a harmonious fusion of exceptional skill and boundless creativity, showcasing twelve tracks that seamlessly blend the vibrant sounds of Afro house with captivating vocals from an impressive array of gifted artists. Collaborations with extraordinary vocalists like Jordan Arts, Kyaku Kyadaff, Kawtar Sadik, Indez Nuul Kukk, Mayan and Mei Tar  elevate the album to extraordinary heights, pushing the genre’s boundaries and delivering an unforgettable auditory experience.

In addition to the breathtaking vocal performances, “Echoes” boasts an extraordinary selection of top-tier remixes. Esteemed artists such as Bad Box and Eran Hersh lend their unparalleled expertise, infusing their unique styles into the album’s standout tracks and creating dynamic reinterpretations that will undoubtedly leave fans yearning for more.

The album’s lead single, “Zulu,” has already set ablaze the music scene with its infectious rhythm and mesmerizing melodies. Garnering overwhelming support from industry titans like Black Coffee, Themba, and Djeff, “Zulu” has sent shockwaves across dancefloors worldwide, leaving listeners craving more of DJ Tomer & Ricardo’s magical sonic journey.

The track made such an impact that it was premiered on Radio BBC1 by Themba, solidifying its status as a standout hit.

Listen to the first Single Zulu premiered on BBC1 by Themba : 

Through “Echoes,” DJ Tomer & Ricardo transport their audience to the vibrant heart of African music. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the continent, the album effortlessly weaves together traditional African elements and contemporary electronic sounds, resulting in an explosive blend that resonates with fans from diverse backgrounds.

As anticipation for the album reaches fever pitch, DJ Tomer & Ricardo extend a heartfelt invitation to music enthusiasts to join them on an extraordinary sonic odyssey. Prepare to surrender yourself to the infectious rhythms, soaring melodies, and euphoric energy that “Echoes” has to offer.

“Echoes” will be available on all major streaming platforms and digital music stores starting in mid-July. Stay tuned for further updates and ensure you follow DJ Tomer & Ricardo on their social media channels for the latest news, tour dates, and exclusive content. Experience the captivating realm of “Echoes” by diving into the complete album out on July 14th, accessible for your listening pleasure HERE

Dj Tomer & RIcardo "Echoes"
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