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Cercle is an established and esteemed brand that has been gaining momentum since its conception. Initially a live streaming platform to showcase dj’s and the world’s most beautiful locations, Cercle is now a multifaceted platform. With a combined social following of over six million, the brand is launching its first podcast series, Echo System by Cercle. Behind each show, there are moments that until now have remained untold. 

Kickstarting Echo System, Cercle are releasing three immersive podcasts from featured locations in 2023. The listener is invited to experience Luxor (Egypt)Iceland and Geneva (Switzerland) with highlights including a Muslim farmer sharing land, seeds and friendship with his Christian neighbours, an intriguing composer and craftsman making stone instruments in a remote corner of Iceland, and how radical events in the 16th century transformed Geneva forever. The series offers a mesmerizing insight into locations and stories that the listener may never get to experience, escapism at its best.  

I’m really excited to launch our first podcast series: Echo System. I feel it’s more than just an audio journey; it’s a cultural and narrative bridge connecting the extraordinary locations of our Cercle shows, the artists we invite and our global audience –  Derek Barbolla (Cercle Founder & CEO) says – We want to enrich the Cercle experience by going beyond music and unveil the hidden stories behind each selected site, city, or country, weaving together travel narratives, local history, culture, and music…

One of the defining features of Cercle is its choice of locations. The performances take place in a variety of global settings, including historical monuments, cultural landmarks, and scenic landscapes. The videos often include high-quality production values, combining impressive visuals with the audio experience. The performances are never pre-recorded and require extensive research and skill when broadcasting live from such extreme locations. Cercle features a diverse lineup of electronic music artists, including well-established names and emerging talents. This diversity contributes to the platform’s appeal to a wide range of music enthusiasts. Thanks to its online presence, Cercle has attracted a global audience. Viewers from around the world can enjoy these unique live performances, creating a sense of connection within the electronic music community.

At the forefront of the podcast is the BBC producer and journalist Frank McWeeny: “I make audio documentaries for a living, but I’ve never made anything quite like this, where there is very little preparation and no planned or even loose narrative. You are totally at the mercy of what the journey throws at you and the people you meet. It’s all about being curious, open-minded and letting it all unravel step by step, just like a real solo adventure! It’s very challenging but also incredibly liberating and rewarding.” 

Echo System is about meeting interesting people. It’s about feeling and experiencing somewhere through its art, culture and the stories of its community. It’s about special moments in a special place. Put simply, Echo System is a first-hand account from a curious traveler, visiting a place for the first time. It could be anyone.

Echo System by Cercle is available on platforms including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and Podcast Index.

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