Saturday, April 13, 2024

British artist Megatronic and South African soul sensation Wandile Mbambeni join forces for an electrifying musical partnership, unveiling their latest single, “Rumours.” This mesmerizing track delves into the complexities of mistaking desire for love, particularly in the initial phases of a romance and amidst the realm of digital interactions.

“Rumours” guides listeners through the tumultuous ride of feelings encountered while navigating the hazy boundaries between attraction and genuine fondness. Conceived during Megatronic’s tour in South Africa, where she graced the stages of ARMC (Africa Rising Music Conference) and Bushfire Festival in Eswatini.

“Rumours” emerges as the fruit of an immersive period of artistic exploration. Megatronic, who recently enchanted audiences at the Berlin Rave The Planet Parade stage, seized the opportunity to collaborate with local talents, yielding a track that celebrates the potency of intercultural collaboration.
Seamlessly fusing Megatronic’s electronic finesse with Wandile’s authentic South African soul, who in 2023, was featured in the AppleTV+ docuseries ‘My Kind of Country,’ set in Nashville, USA.

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