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Exploring the Sonic Landscape of Maputo: Nandele’s Musical Ode to Home. The news release by Human Endevour, sub-label of Ransom Note

As a prominent figure in electronic music scene in Maputo (Mozambique capital), Nandele has garnered acclaim for crafting mesmerizing analogue beats influenced by his diverse musical background; stints in grunge bands, boom bap crews, and hip hop collectives, along with releases for Tresor, Cotch International, and Already Dead Tapes, highlight his nearly 25-year-long career.

Plans for a comprehensive body of work for Ransom Note’s sub-label have been underway for some time – Nandele’s track ‘Incomati’ inaugurated the label’s debut release in 2022 – making this EP a pivotal chapter in Human Endeavour’s journey.

Across the EP’s six tracks, released on 14th of February 2024, Nandele intertwines field recordings from Maputo with pulsating rhythms; sometimes they creep and slink, while other times they rumble and clatter.

Both ‘Sou Plastiko (Meu Lugar)’ and ‘Chapa 100’ exemplify this. Brimming with tension, their rhythmic frameworks are adorned with mind-altering synth melodies, haunting textural elements, and precise, sharp percussion.

‘Nau603’, ‘Makonde’, and ‘Arquivo 16’ are similarly hypnotic but with an increased tempo. They feature frenetic beats and squelchy 303s; crackling static and abrasive, industrial soundscapes – all hallmarks of Nandele’s imaginative sonic universe.

‘News Day’ highlights another facet of his production prowess; showcasing not only his mastery of beats but also of synthesis, as evidenced by this exquisite, shimmering beatless composition.

Maputo is my birthplace, and this project serves as an homage to the city, also known as the ‘Cidade das Acácias’ and MPT for short. The capital is a vibrant, culturally rich place, where all ethnicities of the country coexist”.

“It’s the people who make this place truly special: the bustling markets; the street vendors; the Txova carts rolling through the streets during the day with their distinctive chants about the food or supplies they’re selling; the semi-collective transportation known as ‘Chapa Cem’ with the ‘cobrador’ announcing routes in a unique tune. Music is everywhere… that’s Maputo!” – Nandele.

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