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Nora En Pure is globally renowned and adored for hercinematic soundscapes and ethereal performances. SouthAfrican-born, Switzerland-based, Queen of deep house, Nora En Pure is a true force with an indomitable work ethic and an eye for immaculate detail, proving her eminence with every performance, playing standout shows at the likes of Coachella, Burning Man and Tomorrowland, just to name three of the most important festivals where she uses to play.

Nora En Pure’s name has become synonymous with organic instruments, emotive piano leads and enchanting melodies. Nurturing her Purified brandwith expert precision, Purified Radio blossomed into a weekly show, premiering every Saturday evening on SiriusXM Chill with an hour-long dose of the finest deep, melodic and tech house music. The same her approach for launching her label Purified Records in 2019.

Beats of Africa interviewed Nora En Pure during her April 2024 dj sets in South Africa: Friday 5th at Cape Town for Timeless Festival and Saturday 6th for the first ever Purified South African event at Huddle Park in Johannesburg.

Who inspired you to become a DJ?
I wasn’t inspired by another artist or person, as I only got into electronic dance music later in life when some friends who had their own studio introduced me to it. Before that, I didn’t have much interest in electronic music, which all changed when I realized how you could combine different sounds and styles in the studio. Musically, I have always been inspired by movie soundtracks such as the ones by Hans Zimmer and his ability to craft such captivating and immersive soundscapes and touch so deeply with his creations.

Which kind of music did you listen when you were a teenager?
I loved bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Offspring and Nirvana.

And now?
Purified Records demos! I rarely have time for anything else. When I’m driving in my car, I like to listen to happy jazz music to unwind my mind from my usual musical environment.

Which platform do you use to listen to music?
No specific one really, demos come in through SoundCloud. For jazz music, we have a curated radio channel. I barely just sit and enjoy music anymore, sadly.

Why Africa and especially South Africa are becoming so important in the electronic music scene?
I feel like Africa is where humans’ roots are. As a continent, it has so much soul, so much character and such a deep connection with the planet. I think this is reflected in the music – it comes from the soul. It is wonderful to see African music gaining recognition on a global stage.

Is there any element of South African culture that you’ve brought into your music or lifestyle?
It is all about the nature for me. Ever since I began my musical journey, I incorporated sounds and elements from the natural world into my tracks, and I do the same in my live shows as well. South Africa is my ultimate happy place, that fully grounds me. That feeling I find vastly missing in today’s society. I try to capture that essence of it in my music.

Why did you choose Purified for your events and radioshow?
Purified stemmed from the Pure in my artist’s name, and its foundations come from the natural element of my sound. It has been a very organic process, starting with the radio show, and blossoming into the events and then label.

Are there any African artists or musical influences that you particularly admire or that have inspired you?
I enjoy any artist that has their own style and follows their own path, staying away from trends. I loved a few tracks from Shimza and from the artists I have been in touch through the label. I have always liked Kyle Watson’s dubbin & bouncy productions, the smoothness of Polar Inc.’s sounds, and I recently discovered Jono Stephenson who is very talented, to just name a few.

Is there a specific message or emotion you hope to convey through your music, considering your South African roots?
As briefly touched in one of the previous questions, I like to make people feel grounded and remind them of our inner pure happiness and soul. We all constantly have this guard up, which I sometimes hope to break through with the more emotional pieces. And with that I try to make people reconnect with their roots, with nature, with simplicity – somewhat the realness of life.

Your favorite djs and producers?
I like Rüfüs Du Sol, Jan Blomqvist, Gorgon City, Camelphat, Bob Moses.

Your favourite clubs and festivals?
I love CRSSD in San Diego, Brooklyn Mirage in New York, Shambala in Canada, diverse festivals in Australia and Argentina…

The most important record in your box?
It’s more about the story than that one record.

Your all-time favorite track?
Maybe Toto: Africa (1982), or Texas: Innersmile (2001).

How to send you promos?

Your hobbies
Exploring, photography, diving.

Your upcoming projects?
Constantly new music, next one is called “The Other Side”, keep the striving label on track, streaming, touring… it never ends J

Your lifelong dream?
My huge passion is to explore nature & wildlife. I want to achieve a balance in my life where I get enough of that in.

image: Jon Correal

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