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Emerging from the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera, Dorian Craft is one-of-a-kind DJ and music producer, dedicating himself to create unique experiences for his audience through his eclectic soundscape. From the buzzing clubs of Ibiza and Miami to the underground scene in Tulum and the high-energy vibe of New York, Dorian Craft has taken his music to the biggest and most exciting music events and festivals around the world like Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Warung Day Festival and Les Plages Electroniques.

His new remix? Anthony P. ft. Jackie Djane’s “Always on my mind”, an Afro House track where melody reigns supreme, with Craft’s remix injecting new energy and vitality, skillfully reinterpreting vocals, melodies, and rhythms infused with afro synths and pounding drums out for My Other Side of The Moon in march 2024. It’s time to know Dorian Craft better with a new Beats of Africa Face to Face.

Who and who inspired you to become a DJ?
Not really someone, it was more my interest for electronic music and my wishes to share my iPod playlists that brought me there ahah. But at my early days as dj, I was very amazed by Erick Morillo’s skills and energy during a set.

Which kind of music did you listen when teenager?
I was a teenager when I discovered electronic music. It was a process. Of course as french, we were swayed between the sound of Daft Punk, french house classics and the techno of Laurent Garnier. Later I discovered disco house with Bob Sinclar and his album “Champ Elysées Theme” and the label Defected that I followed a lot for their soulful, garage and house compilations.

And now?
Now when I don t listen to electronic music, I enjoy the 80´/ early 90´ songs like new wave / pop. I love the vintage song texture and the hardware they used at this time. I feel there was much more space for creativity and risks than nowadays imposed standards.

Which platform do you use to listen to music?
I’m team Spotify.

Why Africa is becoming so important in the electronic music scene?
Africa and all the talented artists who emerged from afro house have contributed to show the world the richness, warmth of their music. In my opinion, the typical drums sequencing and the richness of sound palette of the afro house made the genre to enter in every electronic music lover’s playlist. It’s easy to dance, it’s easy to listen and it gives you smiles.

Your favourite djs and producers?
I’m super versatile and I enjoy to listen a wide range of electronic music styles… I cannot pick one name. It often happens I love a set from an artist playing a part of the world, then I see the same artist playing another city, another set time and just not feeling it 🙂

Your favourite clubs and festivals
Any club with a proper sound system is my favorite. For festivals, Burning Man is my fav’.

The most important record in your box?
The one I produced I’m testing for the first time.

Your all-time favourite track?
Chris Rea: Josephine (1985).

How to send you promos?
Through my Instagram.

Your favourites: food / actor / football team / tv series
Eating italian food, watching an F1 race then a Denzel Washington movie sounds like a plan.

Your hobbies?
I’m grateful to have my job also as a hobby. I live 24/7 for this. And when I don’t travel, I produce.

Your upcoming projects and label releases?
I’m releasing 2 packs of remixes from my last album with tracks from the likes of Oxia, Sis, Maga, Da Mike, Clemente and my own reshape. I’m also working on my own event concept with my colleague Baron, for fall.

Your life long dream?
To achieve my goals, one by one and looking behind with proudness. Also I’d add maybe, to meet Denzel Washington ahah.

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