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Mauritian artist GЯEG announces new EP ‘Jazz Net’, out on April 2023 13th on lavibe.

Gqom, Techno, Dancehall, Footwork, Bass music… with this new release, GЯEG steps up the musical genres hybridation with even more subtlety, especially in the rhythmical patterns, making the tracks at the same time stylistically indefinable, singular to the point of not being able to link them to a particular scene, but always with the dancefloor in sight, be it at 130 or 95bpm.

GЯEG composed the 4 original tracks from his home studio, then he reworked them in terms of additional programming and mixing in collaboration with the producer and sound designer LE DOM, partly at Redbull Studio (Paris).

And as a link with his first EP, GЯEG asked the godfather of the French Bass music scene Simo Cell (Livity Sound, BFDM, Temet) to produce 2 remixes of the banger “Dembow Tronico” released in 2021. The talented Nantes based producer delivered 2 new versions, dissecting the original track, injecting many effects (work on vocals, ASMR …) and bringing it in a new dimension, even more DJ friendly, but still faithful to the basic track.

GЯEG became very quickly an icon of the new French scene that brings electronic music out of its classical boundaries. First of all for his impressive DJ talents, mixing outstanding technical skills and eclectic selections, which earned him invitations to Nuits Sonores (Lyon), Nyege Nyege festival (Paris & Amsterdam)

GЯEG uses to perform in most of the key clubs in Europe and France, including b2b performances with respected artists such as Teki latexKampireBambounou or Simo Cell. But he is also acclaimed as a producer, especially with his hit “Dembow Tronico” featuring the Latin Grammy awarded beatmaker King Doudou, which trigger a wave of Shazam requests every time it’s played on the radioshow or a club.

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